Dipladenia tropical floral vine plant in 6” pot

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6” Dipladenia floral vine in 6” pot

Dipladenia, a tropical flowering vine plant is a South American native that grows in tropical forests. The plant is similar to mandevilla vine and works outside in warm zones, or indoors as an accent houseplant. We will discuss the difference between dipladenia and mandevilla so you can decide which of these amazing flowering vines is the best option for your garden. Mandevilla or Dipladenia Dipladenia is in the Mandevilla family but has a decidedly different growth pattern. Mandevilla vines climb up vertical structures to seek the canopy light. Dipladenia is a bushier plant whose stems grow down and hang. The two plants have similar brightly colored flowers, but mandevilla has a larger flower typically in red. Both plants need the same bright light and dipladenia care is the same as that for the mandevilla vine. When deciding between a mandevilla or dipladenia, the finer leaves and smaller flowers in a wide range of colors may win the day for the dipladenia. Dipladenia Facts Dipladenia has a fuller shape than the mandevilla. A major difference between dipladenia and mandevilla is the foliage. Dipladenia leaves are fine and pointed, deeply green and slightly glossy.