PCP ~ An alternative rock band in the 1990's in Portland, Maine featuring the late Chris Sawyer

SOME3D/Old Port Garden & Gifts is the only retail store offering CD's and band merchandise for sale for Portland's own PCP.

Interesting fact: PCP - it's not what you think.  The Band wasn't named for a drug - it was named for it's 3 members, Pete Chris and Paul.

Chris is the late husband of SOME3D/Old Port Garden & Gifts owner, Mary Sawyer. They were together 28 years and were grooving in the Portland Maine alternative rock scene together throughout the 1990's before settling down and having boy/girl twins, Abe & Sophie. The music CD was produced before the internet went mainstream; now in 2020 PCP's music is available on Spotify and iTunes as well as in the SOME3D/Old Port Garden & Gifts store at 305 Commercial Street in Beautiful Portland, Maine.