Fine Art & Music by Timothy Schools

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South Portland native, Timothy Schools is gaining national recognition and has fine art displayed in the NY Public Library and museums in Chicago.  Some of Schools' fine art is held in collections of the Nelson Mandela Estate, Hillary Clinton, John Reynolds and Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Schools' paintings are vignettes in time of a bygone era.  They appear to be created by a naive impressionist whose imagery is sometimes nostalgic and often reminiscent of subjects from the turn-of-the-century.  Schools is in fact a self-taught artist who has worked for decades pursuing his craft.  Often Schools fabricates his own gilt frames that give the paintings a somewhat rustic appearance akin to folk art.

His subjects are either based on early photographs or are images invented from his imagination, although sometimes the artist uses living models.  Frequently his paintings are candid scenes of humble folks in relaxed settings.  Schools' approach is immediate and unselfconscious; many of the subjects look directly at the viewer as if caught by the artist in a momentary glance.

Schools painting style is also straightforward.  His impasto paint lies on the surface of the canvas, executed with a freshness that, when combined with the image, evokes a sense of the impressionistic style.  But Schools also captures a sense of time that imbues his idiosyncratic paintings with a compelling charm.